Computerized hard and soft bearing balancing, Industrial and Automotive, On-Site Vibration analysis and Balancing
Computerized hard and soft bearing balancing, Industrial and Automotive, On-Site Vibration analysis and Balancing

Who we are

Founded in 1969, d. garland and sons ltd. brings the expertise and knowledge of three generations to be the benchmark of the balancing industry for exceptional service and quality.

Servicing clients across Ontario and internationally, our balancing projects have been placed in space, on land, in water and underground. By optimizing functional performance, we to deliver on consistently on the highest level of customer satisfaction.

d. garland
and sons ltd.

What we do


If it rotates, spins, or turns in any way, we can balance it. We combine expert operators with precision equipment to achieve optimal efficiency.

Our expertise allows us to balance machinery for up to 20 tons, with diameters from 1/8 inch to 14 feet, and lengths up to 35 feet. Our capabilities extend from standard requirements to highly specialised balancing needs.

Crank Balancing

We have five decades of experience to optimise performance and provide an edge, to complete the job to perfection for all components to work in synchronisation.

From single cylinders to V-16 and including internal and externally balanced crank shafts, pistons, rods, harmonic balancers, pulleys, flywheels and clutches, we can manage it all. We also re-surface and lighten flywheels.


We have the skills to repair a spectrum of machinery - we bore and bush pump impellers. We repair broken cracked, or missing fan blades.
We have you covered if you require the machining of new fan shafts or shaft straitening. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to help get your job done right.

On Site & In Place Balancing

We have expertise in onsite balancing, servicing clients across the GTA and Ontario.

Utilising custom portable balancing equipment expert operators are able to balance the equipment without the need for disassembly, costly downtime and transportation.

Vibration Analysis

Beyond balancing, we also conduct vibration analysis for persistent problems that require additional analysis.

Typically done on-site, we have the expertise for analysis of additional vibration and in many cases can recommend measures which may be required to eliminate any unwanted issues.

d. garland
and sons ltd.

Our work

Our product
Whether at our facilities or at yours, d. garland and sons ltd. always delivers the highest level of computerised balancing, repair, rebuilding and fabrication and vibration analysis.

and sons ltd.

"d. garland and sons ltd., continues as the benchmark of the balancing industry by providing leading edge performance, superior quality and control.
V. Samson

d. garland
and sons ltd.

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